Genova City Marathon: 43 km in memory of the 43 victims of the Morandi bridge

Thanks to the help and support of the Municipality of Genova and Stefano Anzalone, the city councillor who is responsible for sport, we have been able to come up with a route which meets not only with the requests of the police who will be managing the city traffic but also holds a strong symbolic value. In order to do this we have brought the start time forward to 8.30am.
The official route of the Genova City Marathon will be as follows: Fernando Proce from RTL will announce the start from Porto Antico, the old port. The first 5km are through the centre, passing along Via Garibaldi, Piazza De Ferrari, Via XX Settembre and Corso Italia. The route will then extend along the Sopraelevata, before turning into Sampierdarena, and then along Via Buranello, Piazza Vittorio Veneto and Via Fillak, before heading back into the centre, and finally arriving in Piazzale Mandraccio, where the marathon technically ends and the final part of the route will lead runners to complete 43km.
The change in the route was necessary as the original route should have taken runners along Val Polcevera, and the city council have requested us to move the route into via Fillak, which is close to the area of the disaster. The Genova City Marathon will be known as The marathon of the bridge and the distance will be extended to 43 km, in memory of the 43 victims who were killed when the Morandi bridge collapsed. When the runners arrive at the finish line of the marathon at 42.195km, the route will funnel them towards the 43km point.
In addition to this, all of the Genova City Marathon race packs will include a packet of pistachio nuts so runners can enjoy a healthy and energising snack when they arrive. American Pistachio Growers, the association that represents pistachio growers in America, will thus promote the beneficial virtues of pistachios in our city – the flavour, the quality and the positive effects they have on those who live an active lifestyle and want to keep fit while eating healthily.
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