- Directly from the website www.endu.net - FAX - The registration form can be sent by fax to the number 051.9525760, with the payment receipt that can be made by bank transfer: IBAN: IT10S0760112700000034091504 BIC: BPPIITRRXXX Headed to: SDAM srl - EMAIL - The registration form can be sent by email to iscrizioni@sdam.it with the payment receipt - directly at: - Genova Running, Cipro Street, 47-49, 16129 Genova, Phone: 010 868 8915 - AICS Genova- Galata Street 33/7 -16122 Genova (Mon - Fri 14.30-18.00) Phone: 0105533045
Your personal data, your EPS, fidal or Run Card membership data, your medical certificate for the ATHLETICS agonistic practice.
ATMs enabled or credit cards or bank transfer.
Directly from our website, on the Home page by clicking on "check your registration". However, you will receive an email confirming the registration with a summary of any anomalies.
Each registration is checked and validated by an operator to prevent problems and inconveniences. For this reason, it is quite normal that will pass a few days from the time of registration before you can find your name entered. But there is no reason to worry: the registration receipt issued by mysdam is your guarantee of registration.
Identify the status of the registration: GREEN regular registration RED Evidence on validity / expiry of the medical certificate or personal / company membership, YELLOW evidences on payments According to the color indicated in the email, check the data entered or communicated to Genova City Marathon, if necessary update / correct / integrate them to avoid unnecessary queues when collecting the bib.
The bib number is assigned in progressive order, that is, in order of registration.
Is assigned according to the "personal best time" obtained in the last two years, declared during the enrollment phase by the athlete. the personal best time is valid only on the measure of the marathon (42.195). Each starting cage has its own color which will be printed on the bib. If no time is indicated during enrollment, the last cage will be automatically assigned.
At the marathon Expo, at Porto Antico - Calata Molo Vecchio 15-Magazzini del Cotone, Module 5-16128 Genova, on Friday 30/11 from 2.00 pm to 7.45 pm and Saturday 01/12 from 9.30 am to 7.45 pm.
The confirmation letter and your ID. Doesn't matter to print the confirmation letter, just show it to the desk on your smartphone or tablet. Remember to check the validity of the medical certificate and the regularity of the EPS, Fidal, Runcard card. Be sure to have a copy with you.
Yes, giving the delegate the following documents: - Copy of the ID - Confirmation letter - Written delegation signed by the delegator.
No, the delivery of the official bibs ends Saturday at 20.00.
The last day to register is December 1, except for early closure due to organizational reasons of Genova City Marathon.


The start of the disabled will be at 09.00, the marathon starts at 09.00.
Piazzale Mandraccio.
The cages are in XX September street


At every refreshment point
yes, it will proceed to arrive at the finish in the maximum time of 6 hours. Those who will be overcome by the cleaning truck must follow the traffic rules dictated by the highway code. In any case, the retired can ask the various refreshment points for help to reach the arrival area.


Piazzale Mandraccio
once you arrive on a guided way, you will receive the participation medal, the thermal blanket and a first refreshment
yes, in Porto Antico at the end of the guided way there is a fenced refreshment area provided with hot/cold drinks, various fruit and desserts. There will also be a refreshment point dedicated to celiacs.
no, once you leave it will not be possible to come back
it is 300 meters away, along a path led by special posters