Become Volunteer

Volunteers are a very important element of the event. Come and help us: Genova City Marathon will be a bit yours too!

All volunteers will receive a free Mizuno technical vest, which will make them recognizable both at the Marathon Expo and during and immediately after the race.


Volunteers can perform:

  • support to the Marathon Expo;
  • support in the star/finish area;
  • sponge service during the race;
  • refreshment service during the race;
  • final refreshment service.

The volunteers can give their help on:

  • November 30th (14-20)
  • December 1st (9-20)
  • December 2nd (7-15).

Write us to specifying your hourly availability and the job you would prefer: we will do everything to satisfy you!

Dati Anagrafici


14 - 20:00

9 - 20:00

7 - 15:00

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