Porto Antico Map Pdf

On the first edition of the Genova City Marathon, which will take place on 2 December 2018, will be set up the Marathon Expò, an important and fundamental point of reference and meeting point for marathoners, public and companies, an opportunity to communicate, for business meetings and to sports marketing. Distribution point for race bibs and race packs. The inauguration will be at 14.00 on 30/11. The hours will be the following: Friday 30/11 from 14.00 to 19.45 and Saturday 01/12 from 09.00 to 19.45.
The location will be at Magazzini del Cotone at the ancient port of Genova, a versatile and fascinating place. In a unique urban setting, in an evocative panorama where ships and sea, together with the light design of the Lanterna, transform any event. The Marathon Expo offers the ideal opportunity to present and learn about new products and deals with new market trends.

Marathon Expo is located in Calata Molo Vecchio, 15


Piazza Caricamento (pedestrian); Mandraccio (pedestrian); Varco Grazie – Mercato del Pesce (driveway).


Genova “Cristoforo Colombo” Km 7


010 59.66


Genova Piazza Principe -> metropolitana (stop San Giorgio)
Genova Brignole -> metropolitana (stop San Giorgio).


Genova Ovest Km 2 (A7-A10-A12-A26)At the exit of the toll entry on the elevated road and exit at the first junction (porto antico).


Bus line 13 to Turati Street, Line 1 and 32 to Piazza Caricamento, Bus Ship for Pegli a Porto Antico, Metro stop San Giorgio.